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Heroin More Deadly Than Guns

The Washington Post issued an article yesterday stating that heroin took more lives in the United States than did guns. Drugs and guns are not in some far away land. Even in Parker County, you might find yourself facing a drug offense in court.

As a criminal defense attorney, I do not want to find your name in the obituary section of the paper. Honestly, I do not want you to need to call me for picking up a drug offense. I know that with stats like those in the Washington Post, law enforcement will take notice of any drugs or drug paraphernalia in your possession. Local police officers and the Parker County Sheriff cannot just turn the other direction and act like they do not see any drugs or drug paraphernalia.

For possession of heroin of less than 1 gram, you are facing a state jail felony. That means up to 2 years in jail. For 1 to 4 grams you are looking at 2 to 10 years in jail for a third degree felony. And this is assuming it is your first offense. The time in prison keeps going up from there. A drug offense is a serious crime. You need help. You need an attorney who knows how to work in the criminal courts. You need a criminal defense lawyer.

If you are charged with a drug charge, contact an attorney.

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