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Lessons from Parker County Roadrunner and His Criminal Defense Attorney

Parker County Criminal Defense Attorney

We can all learn things from the people around us. Over the next four weeks I will be sharing some lessons from a neighbor here in Willow Park, Mr. Parker County Roadrunner; better known to his friends as “P.C.” I have adopted him as the office mascot.

As the office mascot, my friend and neighbor, P.C. has provided me with a series of lessons which I want to share with you my readers. You, in turn, may want to share them with friends, colleagues, or that family member who could use some advice from a good criminal defense attorney.

The lessons will be posted on each Friday around noon starting on April 28. These lessons will later be available as white board lessons on YouTube. You can go directly to any published lesson by clicking on it below.

3. Racing on the Highway (May 12)

4. Getting caught in your own traps featuring our friend, Mr. Coyote (May 19)

Lesson one will go over the criminal and civil effects of you being charged with evading arrest. Lesson two will focus on what happens if you fail to appear for a court date and the charges you may face for failing to identify yourself to law enforcement. Lesson three will take your average speeding violation to the next level; you will not want to miss it. Finally, in lesson four, Mr. Coyote will share a few lessons on how he has gotten caught in his own traps.

All of this lessons come from my experience as a criminal defense attorney in Tarrant, Parker, and the surrounding counties. If you or someone you know needs some help with the lessons they are learning in the criminal justice system, tell them to call me today.

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