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The Masked Attorney

This is a selfie from court this morning. I do not normally take pictures in the courtroom, but today I wanted to remember my first day as "The Masked Attorney." The mask was made by a friend. The inside lining depicts members of the DC characters who are members of the Justice League.

Many people do not see a criminal defense attorney and think of a person who is committed to stand for justice. Today, just showing up for court was a stand for justice. I was there with a client accused of possession of a controlled substance. He was there to accept a deal from the District Attorney. It was a good deal and I was glad I could help him resolve his case.

Much of what I do on the day of an agreed plea is ensure that my client understands his rights. He does not have to take a deal. He does not have to say that he was guilty of anything. He is voluntarily waiving his right to a trial and confront his accusers.

It is at times like these, that I am most proud of my job as a criminal defense attorney and my duty to protect the rights of the accused as guaranteed by the United States and Texas Constitutions. I am glad to wear the mask of justice today.

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