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If a person has been arrested on a weapons charge in the U.S, it simply means that the person has committed a crime that involves the unlawful use or illegal possession of a weapon. This is considered to be a criminal offence and has some serious consequences. Whenever an individual has been convicted of a weapons charge, the court might sentence the person to prison time or a fine may be imposed. The judge will generally take many different factors into accounts before pronouncing the sentence.

The Charges and Their Implications

If a person has committed a robbery and has been in possession of a gun at that time, he/she can be charged with a felony and the charges can be pretty severe. If the robbery has been committed without revealing the weapon, a different sentence will be handed out to the offender. On the other hand, if the person has displayed the weapon or threatened to use it while committing the crime, the felony charge might end up being more severe. It might result in a much longer prison sentence.

A large number of arrests that are made specifically on weapons charges relate to people who have been carrying unregistered weapons. In many cases, the violation is discovered in the course of a routine traffic stop. Federal law in the United States prohibits a person from carrying or owning an unregistered weapon. Some jurisdictions permit a person to carry a hidden or concealed weapon in public as long as the person is also carrying the necessary permit for that firearm.

Differing Laws

The laws for felonies such as this differ from one state to the next. If you have been booked on a weapons charge you will need to hire the services of an experienced criminal lawyer and especially one who is well-versed with handling felony charges. This is important as there are various penalties, fines and prison sentences. In some regions, storing a gun improperly in a vehicle can lead to a weapons charge.

Having a good defense lawyer also increases the chances of you getting a lighter sentence though it may not always be possible that you are acquitted of all the charges. This is a very serious felony and should not be taken lightly. A prison sentence can wreak your family life as well as any future career prospects and the blemish stays on your record forever.

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Weapons Charges

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